Navigating the Transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 with Ashleigh Dunn

In this episode, we dive into the upcoming transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). With the official sunset of UA approaching on July 1, 2023, it’s crucial to set up GA4 sooner rather than later to ensure a smooth transition. We unpack the terminology changes, including the shift from “views” to “engaged sessions” and “events & conversions” instead of “goals.” Additionally, we highlight the 24-hour delay in GA4 data, where insights won’t appear until the following day. Whether you’re just starting the migration process or looking to optimize your GA4 implementation, this episode provides valuable guidance and practical tips to ensure a successful transition to the new era of Google Analytics.

My guest today is Ashleigh Dunn, SEO/Content and Media Strategist at New Wine Digital. Ashleigh manages SEO, Content Marketing, and Paid Media for New Wine. She is a Google Analytics expert and is proficient in making analytics useful and understandable so it can effectively drive strategy. Her technical understanding of the industry combined with her passion to deliver measurable results sets her apart as a strategist. Whether working on a small business account or a large company looking for nationwide recognition, she is passionate about reaching every client’s strategic goals and data plays an important role in that.

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