2023 Halftime Adjustments for Digital Marketing

We are at the halfway mark of 2023. It’s a good time to assess the year so far and also make halftime adjustments for the second half of the year. In this episode, I discuss digital marketing adjustments you can make for the next six months (and beyond). I won’t just leave you hanging either, I will also provide practical solutions that can significantly improve your marketing. 

In a nutshell here are the main items you need to consider as you make adjustments to your marketing:

  • Determine How Well You Are Measuring Performance
  • Not Overlooking Mobile Optimization
  • Evaluating and Assessing  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Revisiting Content Marketing (or, getting started)
  • Assessing Your Performance Against  Your Strategic Plan (or, putting one together)

The goal is to take a pause and regroup so the second half is better than the first half.

Here is the Google tool I mention in the podcast: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check (https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly)