When Do You Hire a Business Consultant? – E064

We focus on digital marketing on this podcast but many many small business owners face a host of issues running their business. As my old mentor once told me – increased sales solves all problems – that isn’t always the case. This is because a business can face operational hiccups, leadership conflicts, staff morale issues among others.

In this episode I talk with Shawn Richards, a business consultant with over 30 years of experience working with small businesses. In more recent years, Shawn has found tremendous passion in helping business leaders reclaim their entrepreneurial dreams!

We delve into the question of when do you know its time to hire a business consultant to help solve problems in your business so you gain the passion for the business you had when you started.

Shawn is also host of the Team Engagement podcast; a weekly “rapid-fire” podcast that discusses leadership and teams. With over 350 guests from all over the world Shawn is grateful to the many leaders who have contributed ideas, insights, and strategies. Shawn is a baseball fanatic and follows the Phillies regularly. He lives in Eagle Mountain with his wonderful wife and twin daughters.

Connect with Shawn here:
Blue Sky Business Consulting: https://blueskybizconsulting.com/
Team Engagement Podcast: https://teamengagementpodcast.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawnjrichards/